Gant Travel Management is now offering Airbnb as an accommodation option in the SAP Concur Travel online booking tool. Gant is the first TMC in the SAP system to work directly with Airbnb for Work to surface Airbnb listings to its customers. Jenni Murer, CIO for Gant, said that adding Airbnb has placed Gant on the leading edge of traveler functionality. She said travelers want “that neighborhood experience,” even when they travel for work, so adding Airbnb made sense. According to an Airbnb statement, the partnership with Gant is an important first step in aligning with additional TMC’s to bring the benefits of the company to more professionals. To date, more than 700,000 companies have had employees sign up and book with Airbnb for Work. Of these, more than 300,000 are directly engaged with Airbnb to help manage their travel