Furnished Quarters, a supplier of temporary furnished apartments, has opened a service center in London to provide 24/7 support for guests staying in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. While the company has been providing clients with serviced apartments in those regions for some time, the new center, according to an announcement, further signifies US-based Furnished Quarters’ expansion into Europe. “We’ve always had clients with needs in Europe, but this past year we are managing more global corporate housing programs than ever before,” said Steve Brown, CEO. “Adding a London home base enables us to provide the best service to our guests in time zones not easily staffed from the US.” Furnished Quarters, according to the company, continues to maintain strong relationships with its UK strategic serviced apartment providers and does not see that changing. The new office and staff members, said the company, “will ensure a smooth transition for clients and guests staying in both partner and Furnished Quarters-managed apartments.”