FCM Travel Solutions and AirPlus International, a payment solution provider, have deepened their existing partnership with new data connector capabilities that the companies say will greatly benefit mutual clients of the two companies. Clients of FCM Travel Solutions are now able to view, analyze and report on AirPlus data within FCM’s reporting platform, Clientbank. Previously, each set of data had to be accessed manually from separate reporting platforms, resulting in a longer, more manual reconciliation process. Now companies can reconcile business travel spending data in one place, without third-party involvement, saving time and money. The new capabilities are said to be one of the first for a TMC and payment provider for such data sharing.  Nicholas Kropelin, senior commercial director for FCM, said that in addition to reconciling spending with greater speed, the arrangement puts “a greater spotlight” on people booking outside of policy, being able to identify and address issues with greater accuracy and faster reaction time.