When it comes to business travel, male and female preferences and habits are not that dissimilar, at least in the UK, according to a new report from FCM Travel Solutions called “Women in Business Travel.” The report was based on a survey of 1,000 business travelers; almost 52 percent were women and 48 percent men. Both genders dislike the same aspects of business travel. At the top of the negative list is being away from family or partner (72 percent), followed by disruption to work (38 percent) and dislike of having to travel alone (14 percent). More positively, 45 percent of women respondents said that they enjoy travelling on business, compared with 39 percent of men. Both enjoy face-to-face interaction most (60 percent), followed by meeting colleagues and the experience of travel. One notable gender difference that emerged is the reason for business travel. Meeting clients is the single biggest reason for men (22 percent), but is only true for 12 percent of women, whose main reason is internal meetings (13 percent) against 10 percent for men.