FairFly, a corporate travel airfare reshopping provider, announced it is adding a hotels solution product to its existing platform. This latest addition, according to the announcement, will enable travel and finance leaders to access best available hotel rates for corporate travel, from pre-booking until check-in. The company said the new tool, using multichannel data and backed by AI, delivers “fully automated and global hotel reshop functionality alongside powerful rate benchmarking and travel policy optimization tools, all of which can be easily digested from one singular platform, available in real time.” Aviel Siman -Tov, CEO, said the company is “thrilled” to be bringing out a hotel solution “in the current climate of highly volatile price fluctuations plaguing the industry.” The hotel product, he said, was crafted to match the power of FairFly’s flagship price assurance tool to deliver the same savings to hotel reservations that are currently being delivered for flights.