Eurostar has launched its new direct service from London to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The trip from central London to Rotterdam takes three hours and to Amsterdam three hours, 40 minutes at a speed of 215 miles per hour. Fares begin at $49, one way. Mike Cooper, CEO of Eurostar, said the departure of the first commercial service to the Dutch cities represents a historic milestone for Eurostar and the growth of international high-speed rail. Eurostar’s e320 trains will operate on the London-Rotterdam-Amsterdam route with three classes of service: Business Premier with guaranteed seat on any train if travelers miss their booked train, no fees for exchange/refund, 10-minute check-in, access to lounges and gourmet meals; Standard Premier with a light meal and drinks served at the seat, free magazines and 30-minute check-in; and Standard with 30-minute check-in, refreshments and snacks onboard.