The leaders of British Airways owner IAG (CEO Willie Walsh) and Ryanair (CEO Michael O’Leary) are filing a complaint to the European Commission to the effect that air traffic control strikes are destroying the aviation sector and economies across the Continent. According to the Airlines for Europe (A4E) trade association, a total of 24 strike days so far this year have caused 5,000 flights to be cancelled, affecting 784,000 passengers, with thousands of delays having an impact on more travelers. A4E warned that 2018 is shaping up to be one of the worst years for air traffic control strikes in Europe, noting that about 30 percent of all delays in May were a result of strikes. A4E has proposed a mandatory 72-hour individual notification period for staff wishing to strike, protection of overflights (flights over a non-departure or arrival country) and a guarantee on minimum ATC services to be provided.