Domestic business travel rallied from its June decline of 0.2 percent to grow 2.2 percent in July, according to the latest Oxford/U.S. Travel Association Current Travel Index (CTI), which measures the direction and pace of travel volume to and within the US. Business travel exceeded its six-month moving average by a small margin. Through the next six months, according to the CTI, both domestic business and leisure travel are anticipated to continue growing, though at a considerably slower pace. International inbound travel declined once again in July by 1.2 percent. In total, that segment has contracted in four out of the first seven months of this year and is expected to remain constrained by economic and policy-based factors over the coming months. David Huether, US Travel’s senior vice president of research, said the solid performance of the domestic leisure and business segments —which together account for 86 percent of the travel economy in the US — have kept the travel expansion on track through the first seven months of 2019 “and have acted as a bulwark against the stagnant state of international inbound travel."