Direct Travel, a large TMC, and Yapta, which offers an airfare and hotel price tracking solution, have agreedu to make Yapta’s Intelligent Price Tracking technology available to all Direct Travel corporate customers. Direct Travel clients that use Yapta’s FareIQ product will be able to automatically monitor travel itineraries for drops in airfare prices and then rebook flights at lower prices to reduce corporate travel costs. Darryl Hoover, CTO for Direct Travel, said the dynamic pricing and yield management systems used by travel suppliers make it very difficult for corporate travel managers or their business travelers to secure the best available price. By partnering with Yapta, he said, “we’re able to assure our clients the very best price on all air bookings by identifying when prices drop and quickly acting on the opportunity to rebook and save.” Yapta also provides Direct Travel clients a web-based savings dashboard, making it possible for them to observe their airfare tracking program on a 24/7 basis.