Delta Air Lines’ domestic corporate travel volume in the third quarter was up 10 percentage points to 40% recovered from pre-pandemic levels. That compares with 30% in the previous quarter, with continuing improvement expected, according to Ed Bastian, CEO, speaking on a third quarter earnings call. He said that while the airline did not see an expected post-Labor Day surge because of spiking COVID-19 case counts, it does expect continuing improvement as offices reopen at the start of the new year and, he said, “we anticipate meaningful acceleration in business travel starting at that point.” In its most recent corporate surveys, said Bastian, more than 90% of respondents said they expect travel volumes in the next quarter to either be the same or outpace the previous quarter. Nearly 60% of the airline’s accounts, he said, are saying they've already reopened their offices, with an additional 10% expected to open before year end. The carrier, said Bastian, is also seeing improving trends internationally. Glen Hauenstein, Delta’s president, said business travel volumes from unmanaged programs are running 5 to 10 percentage points ahead of managed programs, with “smaller, hungrier companies out there hitting the road sooner than some of the bigger multinationals.”