CWT Solutions Group, the consulting arm of CWT, has created a new responsible travel consulting framework called ECO to help companies look beyond compliance and cost management, and build more balanced travel programs that also align with other important objectives. Using its new ECO framework — short for Employee Wellbeing, Climate Impact and Organizational Performance — CWT Solutions Group guides organizations in designing travel programs that advance their “triple bottom line.” With this approach, business travel becomes an avenue through which companies can simultaneously create an engaged and motivated workforce, reduce their environmental impact and manage costs more effectively. Richard Johnson, senior director, CWT Solutions Group, said that with the new ECO framework, the company is “layering” employee wellbeing and environmental considerations onto its suite of consulting services, which have traditionally focused on objectives like increasing compliance and lowering costs. The aim, he said, “is to help companies find the sweet spot between these different and sometimes conflicting priorities in their travel programs — and we’re providing them with a road map to get there.”