After years of focusing on the bottom line, travel managers today seem to be looking for ways to increase traveler satisfaction because satisfied, engaged travelers are more likely to comply with travel policies.

 With the shift towards offering more consumerized experiences to business travelers, the results of the 2016 Egencia Business Travel and Technology Study reveal that corporate travelers want to retain control over their travel choices, even in a managed travel environment.

According to the survey, 69 percent of global business travelers make their own arrangements. In fact, only 2 in 10 travelers would delegate booking, even if they had the option.  Key survey findings include:
•Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) want to be able to choose their own schedules and vendors.
•Over half (51 percent) want to be able update their travel plans on the fly.
•Nearly as many (49 percent) are looking for time savings, and avoid the back-and-forth having others book for them.
•Only 28 percent cited cost savings as a priority.

The survey also found that travelers are concerned about personal safety and security.  Over three-quarters of the respondents (76 percent) would like a fast-alert service to update them on security concerns and 65 percent expect their company to help monitor safety.