Carey, the ground transportation company, is expanding its Embarque 10 & 2 service into San Francisco, offering on-demand cars in as little as 10 minutes from the Embarque mobile app. Gary Kessler, CEO, said that while travelers have historically used Embarque service for pre-planned travel between two points, such as a ride to the airport from office or home, the availability of Embarque 10 & 2 will offer a “block-to-block ground transportation solution suited for multiple occasions without compromising safety, reliability or quality.” Embarque deploys a fleet of late-model vehicles and professional drivers who have underdone background checks and are subjected to random drug and alcohol screening. The company will continue to offer its traditional portfolio of pre-arranged services in the San Francisco area such as point-to-point transfer services, including airports, hotels and convention center and as-directed service chartered hourly. Travel managers can add Embarque to managed travel programs through the Carey Connect Transportation Management Platform.