Business travelers don’t think they have an equal opportunity for business trips, according to the fifth annual SAP Concur Business Travel Survey, based on responses from 3,850 business travelers in 25 markets. Among the findings:

• Business Travelers Haven’t Had Equal Opportunity for Business Trips. Nearly two-thirds of global business travelers (62%; 72% in the U.S.) feel they haven’t had equal opportunity to travel for business compared with their coworkers, and they attribute it to their age, accent or gender.

• Remote Workers Balance Business Travel in Their New Normal. More than 3 in 10 believe business travel is critical for manager and co-worker relationships. Yet more remote workers feel they haven’t had equal opportunity for business travel because of where they live or how often they come into the office.

• Business Travel’s Biggest Threat Is Health and Safety, Not Inflation. Today, global business travelers still say that health and safety (44%) is the biggest threat to business travel — more so than international or local conflicts and tensions (34%), inflation (34%), budget cuts/travel freezes (31%), or remote work and virtual meeting options (28%). Safety (44%) and health (41%) are still the biggest reasons to decline a business trip.

• Business Travelers Report Feeling Unsafe : the past 12 months, more than half (53%) of global business travelers and more than two-thirds of US travelers (70%) have had to change their accommodations because they felt unsafe. Business travelers have experienced unfair treatment on their trips, including unfair security screening and unwanted sexual advancements.

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• LGBTQ+ Business Travelers Hide Their Identity While Traveling. 90% of global LGBTQ+ travelers have hidden their sexual identity on their business trip, with top reasons being safety and privacy issues (55%). More than a third (38%) were forced to hide their identity due to anti-LGBTQ+ laws in the region.