Business travelers are bringing more devices and feeling more productive on the road, according to a survey from Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Called CWT Connected Traveler Study, the survey of more than 1,900 business travelers found that travelers on average carry four different types of technology (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) with the smartphone being the one travel tool they can’t live without. More than 80% of travelers rely on their phones to conduct business. As travelers connect with co-workers or family, they often use different methods. With family or friends, travelers chose calling (44%), Skype (24%) and text (17%) as their preferred communication methods. However, they connect with co-workers differently: email (44%), calling (24%) and texting (14%). Business travelers can be much more productive than even five years ago thanks to technology, said Simon Nowroz, chief marketing officer, Carlson Wagonlit Travel. “Think about the advances where a business traveler used to have so much down time between a flight, taxi and hotel,” he said. “Now, they can login and work while on the plane or wherever they happen to be.”