New research finds that, in general, 88 percent of frequent business travelers are satisfied with their business travel experiences and 84 percent want to travel either the same amount or more frequently than they do now.

The new study, Traveler Satisfaction: Exploring the Generational Divide in Business Travel, identifies four key themes that correlate with business travel satisfaction: booking, productivity during travel, tracking and reporting and personal life. The survey of over 800 frequent business travelers, conducted by the GBTA Foundation in partnership with American Express Global Business Travel, explores what determines travel satisfaction for frequent business travelers by the generations.

Booking is often a pain point for travelers, so it’s not surprising that a better booking experience drives satisfaction for business travelers of all ages.

Likewise, alleviating pain points around tracking and reporting such variables as submitting expense reports, tracking receipts and use of a personal or corporate card to pay for business expenses drives satisfaction for all business travelers.

Productivity during travel includes variables such as traveling on a plane, renting a car, staying at hotels and getting through airport security. Personal life, or the ability to maintain good relationships with friends and children while traveling for work influences satisfaction for Baby Boomers. Interestingly, this theme is to unique to the Boomer generation and did not resonate with Millennials or Gen-Xers.