Business travel saw only minor gains in November (+0.4%), according to the U.S. Travel Association’s latest Travel Trends Index (TTI).  Business travel growth is expected to remain slow though May (+1.2%), though slightly higher than its recent pace. International inbound travel declined year-over-year in November. With a slight downward revision to October data, this segment has now contracted in five of the past six months. International inbound travel growth through May 2020 (-0.6%) is expected to remain constrained by economic and policy-based factors. The TTI’s findings are in line with U.S. Travel’s latest forecast, which projects a 1% decline in international visitation to the US when final data is tallied for 2019. While global long-haul travel is projected to grow an average of 4.8% annually through 2023, the pace of US growth is projected to be just half of that figure at 2.4%. This will further diminish the US share of the total long-haul travel market from its 2015 high of 13.7% to just 10.4% by 2023.