BCD Travel will introduce its third-generation traveler identity management system, built on the SAP Customer Data Cloud solution. The change will transform BCD’s existing TripSource Profile Manager into a digital-first solution that combines three functions –  traveler identity management;  traveler consent management; and  traveler profile management – in one unified platform. Among the advantages, according to BCD Travel, the SAP-backed system will enable more personalized service and support; seamless and secure access to trip management tools; advanced multi-factor authentication  and authentication options; and a customer-based consent solution that provides travelers with better transparency and control over the use of their personal data. Yannis Karmis, senior vice president, product planning and development, BCD Travel, said that through this investment with SAP’s Customer Data Cloud technology, “we can lead the industry by offering a truly unified global system with rich and actionable profile information that touches every service channel for both BCD and for our customers.”