BCD Travel announced the rollout of an enhanced government services practice to expand its travel program offerings tailored to federal agencies within the US. The practice is focused on making travel easier for federal employees and contractors, increasing travel program transparency for federal travel managers and bolstering savings. BCD Government Travel already supports the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency, as well as Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace & defense sector. “This plan calls for heavy investment in technology and people,” said Tracy Maier, senior vice president, North America, who oversees BCD’s government agency clients. BCD’s revamped government services program gives federal travel managers and their travelers access to curated information and resources aimed at federal agencies. This includes BCD’s proprietary TripSource trip management platform and DecisionSource analytics and reporting platform; federal guidelines; domestic and per diem rates; GSA government-contracted airfares; and General Services Administration-approved hotel rates.