ATPCO has announced a key change to its developing Next Generation Storefront (NGS) standard. Booking channels that adopt the evolving standard can use words, icons, text or other indicators rather than stars to identify like fares across carriers. NGS adopters have sorted airline products into similar groups or shelves (based on attributes like meals, WiFi, seat pitch, etc.), with those shelves marked with stars. While one star was often basic economy and six usually a premium category, users were afraid the stars would connote quality. While they can experiment with other systems, channels must clearly indicate the commonality and progression of the six shelves. Gianni Cataldo, head of R&D at ATPCO, said the company realizes that airlines and channels are retailing experts and are best positioned to manage how the shelves are presented. He said ATPCO wants to be a two-way partner to the industry, “not a referee telling them what is best for their customers.”