Airlines Report Corporation (ARC) is joining NDC Exchange, an industry-owned solution developed jointly by ATPCO (which manages air fares for 430 carriers) and SITA (an airline technology company). The exchange is a marketplace that enables airlines and travel sellers to quickly adopt new distribution capability, or NDC. Mike Premo, ARC’s CEO, said that by combining each company’s expertise, ARC and ATPCO will be able to offer more flexible transaction processing workflows, billing and settlement and outputs that enable airlines and travel agencies to efficiently manage their partnership. Rod Purzer, CEO of ATPCO, said that having ARC settlement data integrated with NDC Exchange means that airlines and agencies “can realize the benefits of an NDC-powered, end-to-end distribution process faster.” As part of the ongoing partnership, ARC and ATPCO will create a joint project team to work on integrating order-to-sales data transformation and integrating the ARC settlement services.