Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) released data showing that net sales from ARC-accredited travel agencies nearly doubled month over month, increasing 94% from $387 million in July to $751 million in August. Month over month, August 2020 results show a 19% increase in the total number of passenger trips, US domestic trips up 22% and international trips up 10%. While passenger trips are steadily increasing, the sharp increase in August net sales is largely attributable to a few factors, including an increase in international fares paid, which rose from $18 million in July to $169 million in August, slowing refunds and accelerating travel agency sales. Chuck Thackston, managing director of data science, said that ARC is continuing to see gradual improvements in air travel demand. In addition to passenger trip growth, ARC is also seeing dramatic improvements in month-over-month net sales for both cash and credit forms of payment, especially for international fares, It’s important to note, however, said Thackston, that this reflects a “calming” of the high volume of refund transactions that were seen early in the summer.