Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) has expanded its suite of automated credit card processing services to include transactions processed via an API (application programming interface). The new payments facilitator, called ARC Pay API, extends ARC’s automated credit card acceptance ability to third-party integrators and travel industry organizations, including travel agencies. Joseph Cavanagh, director of payment products, said the move will position ARC for an anticipated increase in direct connect transactions within the travel industry as use of New Distribution Capability (NDC) expands. The company, said Cavanagh, wanted to get out in front of NDC to insure that it offers an avenue available for agencies and aggregators “if they want to go down that road.” The new tool joins ARC’s primary automated card processing service, which streamlines payments within the GDS’s. That platform was recently rebranded ARC Pay GDS. Cavanagh said that likely users of the new ARC Pay API include travel agencies that are selling air through an NDC aggregator such as ATPCO's NDC Exchange, or via an airline direct connect supported by a company such as Farelogix.