Anvil, a risk management company, has announced that its Employee Travel Monitoring System (ETMS) will now be directly connected with Airbnb. Anvil says the development will help companies that want to use Airbnb in maintaining their duty of care requirements. In the past, bookings made outside the standard Global Distribution System (GDS) caused issues for travel risk management companies. According to Anvil, the additional manual administration needed to fully log these bookings meant that, although a business traveler’s flight details were logged, their accommodations would not be. Anvil has negated this issue by now taking direct bookings from Airbnb on its ETMS. “Corporate travelers and those booking travel on their behalf are busy people and do not want to be bogged down by excessive form filling and administration,” said Peter Davies, Anvil’s head of research and technical development. “The more we can reduce this burden, the better.”