American Airlines has signed new long-term agreements with the three major global distribution systems — Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport — to continue, according to an announcement,  to provide easy ways for customers to purchase travel from the carrier. These new agreements and American’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology, said the announcement, give customers more opportunities to experience modern retailing with access to American’s content, including elevated offers and ancillary products in more channels. Scott Laurence, senior vice president of partnership strategy for American, said the company looks forward to working with its distribution partners to expand retailing capabilities, using NDC technology “to provide travel retailers and customers the products and services most meaningful to them.” These new agreements, said the announcement, provide American with content flexibility; and in 2023, the airline will be able to offer its best content, products and fares through NDC connections and direct channels, such as American’s NDC-enabled content is already available with Amadeus and Travelport and will be in Sabre in early 2023.