American Airlines has extended the use of its mobile health passport app, VeriFLY. It can now be used for travel from US airports to eight countries: UK, Canada, Jamaica, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Previously, the airline accepted the app only for travel from Miami International Airport to select Caribbean and Latin American destinations. For customers traveling between London and the US, American’s joint business partner, British Airways, has begun a trial of VeriFLY. The two airlines are the first transatlantic joint business alliance that will accept a common mobile health passport for those eligible customers who are permitted to fly between the US and the UK. Julie Rath, vice president of customer experience for American, said all the carrier’s airports will now accept testing certification via the app. She said that with additional acceptance of VeriFLY by other airlines, American can further the goal of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensure compliance with local regulations that have been put in place to protect its customers and team members.