Amadeus, the travel technology company,  is projecting “seismic changes” to business travel in its Amadeus 2022 Travel Trends report. The way people work has changed, said the report, and so will business travel. It said that nearly 40% of the US workforce has the potential to work from anywhere, and in some other countries, that percentage is even higher. Many companies, including Spotify, said the report, have even announced that their staffs will permanently work from home. At Amadeus, a hybrid work model is being implemented with the goal to balance business needs with flexibility for employees — giving more options to combine working from home with working from the office. While the report said that videoconferencing works well, it asserted that “nothing replaces a face-to-face meeting.” Amadeus’ data strongly shows the return of business travel, with half of the travelers (50%) saying they will be traveling for business to a destination requiring a flight later this year. 
The report predicts some positive changes, including a rise in expense-free mobile travel payments that ensure business travel is as seamless as possible. Forward-thinking companies, said the report,  are looking at bringing departments together in central locations, with days working in the office placing a greater emphasis on social elements and team bonding. Some businesses will even begin booking weekends or days in hotels as a way to reunite employees. 
The report said that four in five business travelers are prepared to board an airplane for work right now, provided safety measures are in place. It said that connecting with international colleagues is on the very near horizon, and when it returns, it will be easier than it ever was before.