Altour, a travel management company, has launched a Health & Safety Hotline to provide customers with expert health and safety mitigation advice for “a nominal fee.” Available exclusively to Altour clients and powered by Exlog Global, the hotline offers round-the-clock worldwide support to business travelers and corporate travel managers who need guidance or action on health and safety issues that occur before or during work travel. Alexandre Chemla, CEO, said that while risk has always existed, the current pandemic has made it clear that corporate travel has its own unique needs. He said that as the economy opens, and companies restart their travel programs, they are dealing with unprecedented issues that require real-time answers regarding health and safety throughout the traveler’s journey. The tool can be accessed via phone, email or text and is staffed 24/7. It is designed to be used proactively or reactively when, for example: a meeting planner wants to plan for social distancing at a conference; a travel manager is looking for guidance on whether physical security is necessary for employees traveling to a specific location; a corporate traveler gets into a car accident on a business trip and needs help navigating emergency care and notifying the rental car company; or a business traveler may have recently vacationed in a COVID-19 hotspot and wants guidance on quarantining.