Alaska Airlines will add nonstop service from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska to San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, with some routes beginning in early January, others later in the year. There will be eight new routes, including: Spokane to Los Angeles (two daily departures starting Jan. 7), Spokane to San Francisco (two daily departures starting March 19), Redmond/Bend, Ore. to Los Angeles (starting Jan. 7); Redmond/Bend to San Diego (starting March 19), Redmond/Bend to San Francisco (starting March 19); Boise to Los Angeles (two daily departures starting March 19); Missoula, Mont. to Los Angeles (starting March 19); and Anchorage to San Francisco (starting April 21). A majority of the new routes will be served by the Embraer 175 jet, an aircraft with only window and aisle seating. All routes will offer three-class cabins that include First Class and Premium Class.