AirPlus International, a payment provider that specializes in corporate transactions, has launched new AirPlus Virtual Cards for corporate clients and travel agencies. According to an announcement, the cards are a simple, secure way for customers to pay for travel services and other business expenses using a generated Mastercard credit card number. The number can be restricted to a specific merchant category, which offers great security and transparency. For example, users can use the credit card exclusively for plane tickets, hotel bookings, train tickets or other purchases, as desired. The virtual credit card is quickly and easily generated directly on the AirPlus Portal and can be used right away. It can also be frozen with a single mouse click. The new AirPlus Portal offers an overview of all transactions in real time, along with the exact status of the cards issued. There is also a central statement of virtual card transactions. Because charges are settled centrally, the traveler does not need to pay in advance, and the company gets added transparency around its expenses by having a single consolidated statement. There are several versions to choose from: AirPlus Virtual Cards Classic, for corporate customers to pay for travel services; AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement, for B2B and ad hoc purchases such as office supplies and software licenses; and AirPlus Virtual Cards Travel Agency, designed specifically for travel agencies looking for a payment solution to handle their own travel-related payments.