Advito, the travel industry consultancy, announced a strategic partnership with Edgar, Dunn & Company, a consulting firm, to provide “comprehensive, innovative payment consulting expertise for corporate travel.” Advito and Edgar, Dunn & Company formalized the relationship, developed through pilot work with clients, to bring their travel programs to the next level by implementing customizable corporate payment solutions using the latest technology. Lesley O’Bryan, senior vice president of Advito, said it was time to evolve the corporate travel payment process “to align with what our business travelers are accustomed to in their personal travel.”

By optimizing the payment process with efficiencies like virtual payments, she said, “we are increasing traveler satisfaction as paying for travel becomes easier, faster and more convenient.” And travel managers, she said, are pleased with automatic back-end reconciliation, and the better transparency into travel payment data for more accurate reporting. This partnership, she said, “will put us in a unique position to assist corporates to better manage travel payments and benefit from expert advice.”