Advito, a travel consultancy, has announced the achievement of ISO 14064 and ISO 14065 certification from the International Standards Organization for GATE4, the company’s proprietary carbon emissions calculation methodology. The ISO 14000 series, according to an announcement, is the world’s most widely recognized environmental management standard. These standards and certifications were selected specifically to independently validate Advito’s ability to quantify, monitor and report on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and demonstrate the methodology’s integrity and robustness. Advito’s methodology, according to an announcement, yields robust reporting on emissions across air, hotel, rail and car, on a global and market level. The company says what is unique about its approach is a thorough understanding on a country-by-country basis of the impact of electricity mix on different elements, such as hotel energy consumption, rail emissions and country carbon intensity. Julien Etchanchu, Advito’s sustainable collaboration practice lead, warns that “inaccurate carbon reporting and greenwashing through ineffective offsetting programs could lead people to make the wrong decisions.” He said the challenge is knowing where to start, what information to rely upon and what actions to take. Unfortunately, with the existing industry standards, he said, Advito found that travel managers and buyers were getting inaccurate emissions reporting across all categories, and that its own calculations were sometimes two to three times lower or higher. He added, “We take this incredibly seriously, as it puts their sustainability goals at risk.”