Adelman Travel has released Ava Desktop, a personal computer version of its mobile app, designed for travel arrangers and executive administrators. Ava Desktop enables those who book travel for others to manage all traveler profiles, upcoming trips and invoices, plus access company travel policies, from a single source on their desktop. The platform also offers the ability to book travel, book air via artificial intelligence and reach a travel consultant via chat, phone or email for instant help. Other features include flight delay risk notifications for booked flights and access to COVID-19 travel information such as cleaning standards and health alerts.  Jennifer Torre, Adelman’s vice president of technology, said Ava Desktop is the next phase of the company’s mobile-first strategy. She said the company’s technology development always begins with a mobile foundation, where it is easily accessible to the traveler, then moves to the desktop. “A robust mobile app with access to critical travel information,” she said, “is more important than ever."