Addison Lee Group, a UK-based premium car service, will acquire booking and management platform Tandem Technologies in New York from Transdev. Corporate customers will be able to book Addison Lee cars in New York by app, website or phone in the coming weeks. The acquisition, according to the company, will assist Addison Lee in launching its branded premium service to New York business customers with a dedicated fleet, digital booking channels and customer service operations. Addison Lee earlier this year acquired New Jersey-based Flyte Tyme Worldwide Transportation, which has a significant presence in New York. Addison Lee expects to have 500 Addison Lee-branded cars operating in the city by the end of October. “While Addison Lee is already one of the largest providers of car services in the United States, this acquisition will allow us to expand even further into New York's $2 billion car service market through a branded fleet and a digital, premium offering,” said Andy Boland, CEO.