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Special Reports: Meetings and SMM

Meeting Point, Post-COVID

To survive a post-COVID 19 world, the MICE industry pivots to new models using social distance and accountability

Keep it Simple

The majority of meetings aren’t complicated – and new technology means managing them doesn’t have to be either

Where Meetings Meet the Road

Events, big and small, require careful pre-planning – and that includes getting attendees there and back

Groups Gain Ground

Transportation for meetings and events takes the right mix of planning, logistics and fleet availability

Getting It Together

Effectively meshing travel and meetings spend takes collaboration and communication

Aiming Small

Simple meetings can be deceptively complicated but technology promises big changes

SMM: Meetings’ Secret Sauce

The idea of strategic meetings management is not new. Yet its implementation today can be as vexing as ever

Small Meetings, Big Value

Events that used to fly under the radar are taking center stage – and so are the tools to manage them

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